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Anime, Manga, & Japanese Pop Culture

Sponsored by Center for Asian Research & the School of International Letters and Cultures

Date & Time: October 21, 2021, at 4:30pm AZT

Questions to consider:

1) The legendary Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka is often compared to the American animator Walt Disney. How appropriate is this comparison? What are some of the similarities between the two artists’ careers, and what are the limitations of this comparison?

2) In what ways has the representation of the samurai and ninja in popular genres like anime and manga warped or distorted our understanding of Japanese warrior culture?

3) What is a shōjo? What are some of the different ways in which this figure has been represented in Japanese popular culture over the past century?

Location: PSH 150 and Zoom (link below to register for the Webinar)


Participants will be able to join in person or virtually. If you are joining in person, please read ASU's Face Cover Policy Here
This panel is an interactive discussion of the global reception and history of two of Japan’s most famous cultural exports: manga and anime.  For the past half-century, manga and anime have played a central role in the representation of Japan on an international stage, and served as a crucial lens for rethinking issues of popular culture, gender, literary genre, and Japanese identity.  This panel invites four experts from the Japanese program in the School of International Letters and Cultures to examine the history and significance of manga and anime from a variety of angles: from the presentation of the figure of the warrior and warrior culture in contemporary Japan, to the reception of manga and anime in the postwar era, to the complex ways in which gender and power are interwoven in presentations of everyday life.  


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