Faculty Research Workshop: Faheem Hussain

by Dr. Faheem Hussain

Friday, October 29m 2021 at 11:00 am

Questions to consider:

1) Who are the Rohingya, and what are the political and historical circumstances underlying the current crisis?

2) What are some of the “digital innovations, workarounds, challenges, and imaginations” observed by Dr. Hussain in the refugee camps?

3) Briefly describe gender dynamics in the refugee camps. What are some of the means by which Rohingya women have attempted to increase their political and social agency?

Durham 240 or Zoom

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In this talk, I will share some firsthand experiences from the recent field research trip in the border of Myanmar and Bangladesh, where I have been working with the Rohingya refugees for the last four years. Rohingyas from Myanmar are one of the most persecuted population in the world. At present, majority of this marginalized group, around 1.3 million people, have taken refuge in Bangladesh, after escaping the state-sponsored ethnic cleansing against them. In my presentation, I will primarily highlight on the Rohingya refugees’ key challenges and innovations around access to (mis/dis)information and education during this global pandemic.