Web-based resources regarding Asia

  • Recorded Lectures: Lectures from faculty, graduate students and scholars at the Center for Asian Research. These lectures can be accessed by anyone, and contain questions for the viewers to keep in mind while viewing. 
  • Asia MediatedThe Center for Asian Research at Arizona State University is happy to present Asia Mediated, a curated digital collection of teaching modules by ASU scholars connected by a common theme: understanding Asia through media. Asia Mediated has been created with several audiences in mind. University undergraduates in Asia Studies and related courses in history, political science, media studies, global studies, religious studies, and gender studies (among others) are one important audience. Another is community college students and their teachers, for whom these modules offer a valuable resource for strengthening Asia Studies in this influential educational community. Many of the modules can also be used in high school classes as part of advanced placement courses in world history, global studies, and Asia studies.
  • Education About Asia: Teaching Resource Journal by Association for Asian Studies: An invaluable and unique resource for teachers, students and anyone with an interest in Asia. Articles and reviews cover a wide range of topics and time periods—from ancient to modern history, language, literature, geography, religion, youth and popular culture. Each issue include a substantial thematic section. The online arichive section is accessible to everyone, and print version requires subscriptions. Notable upcoming themes incudes Asia in World History: Comparisons, Connections, and Conflicts in Winter of 2021 and Spring of 2022; and Teaching Asia in Middle Schools for fall 2022.
  • Learn to read Chinese with ease: Ted talk videoMany students may find this video useful in recognizing different elements of Chinese characters. 
  • Asia for Educators: An Initiative of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University with resources for teachers and students on geography, art, religions, literature, and history. The resources are free. In "Literature" section, the book recommendation starts from K-3 through K-12. The Geography section includes national standards, AP, Pre-AP and 5 thematic sections. The Art section contains Online Museum Educational Resources in Asian Art. The Religion section features the Chinese Cosmos. Asia in World History resources are divided in 11 sub-historical era starting from >4000 BCE to 21st Century. 
  • The Silk Road: The Route That Made The World in The New York Times Style Magazine. All ASU Faculty & Student has access to the New York Times. This Travel Issue features four articles on food, religion, art, poetry and silk-making. 
  • The Story of India by PBS showcases how India became current day India in six episodes beginning in 60,000 BCE. This site also includes lesson plans for the teachers and many other visual resources. 
  • The National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA) 2018 Teaching Modules by The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Asia Program. The modules covers East Asia (China, Korea, and Japan) ranging from history to sociology.