A.T. Steele Faculty Travel Grant Aaron Moore 2011

Professor Aaron S. Moore “Technologies of Asian Development”

Asian man wearing tie glancing off-camera

Professor Aaron S. Moore was a 2011 A. T. Steele awardee for his work “Technologies of Asian Development.” This project examines how techno, scientific power operated in large-scale infrastructure projects abroad during the formative years of Japan’s overseas development assistance policy. It focuses on two large-scale projects in Southeast Asia and has two dimensions. First, by examining the activities and networks of ex-colonial engineers, I trace how Japan’s export of its much admired “developmentalist’ model rested on knowledge, practices, and paradigms from its wartime and colonial periods. Second, I analyze how Japan’s development policy evolved during the post-war within a transnational network of actors and agencies, including the US, UN, and other Asian governments.