A.T. Steele Faculty Travel Grant Dr. Peter Suwarno 2012

Professor Peter Suwarno “Success and Challenges of CLS Malang 2010-2012”

Peter Suwarno wearing gray blazer smiling into camera

Professor Peter Suwarno was a 2012 A.T. Steele awardee for his work “Success and Challenges of CLS Malang 2010-2012.” CLS (Critical Peter SuwarnoLanguage Scholarship) Malang is an Indonesian summer program funded by the US State Department, administered by the American Councils for International Education (ACIE), and was held in Malang University (UM), Indonesia, 2010-2012. Different pre-tests and post­ tests results by ACIE and by UM determine that CLS Malang is one of the most successful language summer programs. This project will focus on what kind of success and why? It will study the assessments, test-results, teaching methods, and immersion program activities, through tests data collection and interviews in Malang, Indonesia, and through discussion during an international conference presentation of my notes as the CLS resident director, in Singapore, in order to produce a publishable scholarly paper.