ASU offers a number of scholarships for students pursuing Asian Studies degree programs.

The Warner-Fong Scholarship is an annual scholarship awarded to an incoming freshman or transfer student who is choosing to major in Asia Studies. The $2000 scholarship is renewable for one year. Consideration is given to academic merit and to the student’s commitment to the field of Asia Studies. A minimum ABOR high school GPA of 3.00 and declaration of a B.A. in Asia Studies in the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies is required for consideration. With your application, please submit a short essay (250 words maximum) about why you chose Asia Studies as a major. Pleased address what kind of impact you hope your studies will have on your life and what kind of impact you hope to have on your community and your world with a degree in Asia Studies. For more information, please contact

The Guilford A. Dudley Memorial Prize in Asian Studies honors academic excellence in Asian Studies. Students from all departments are eligible, but special attention is given to course work in Asian history. Although graduate students are eligible, preference is given to undergraduates, especially seniors, who have studied at least two years of an Asian language for this $1000 prize. For more information, please contact

Information about the 2014 Sage Scholarship will be posted here shortly, along with the application. The Sage Family Southeast Asian Studies Scholarship is awarded to one ASU undergraduate each year to support an extended period of study and travel in Laos.  Since 2005, eight ASU students have been named Sage Scholars. The scholarship is provided by William Sage, ASU Class of 1968, in honor of his parents. For more information, please contact Dr. James Rush at

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni Leadership Council created the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Alumni International Scholarship in honor of former Dean Gary S. Krahenbuhl. For 2012-13, one scholarship of $1,000 was awarded. Applicants must be Undergraduates majoring in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The scholarship must be used for study or travel abroad related expenses. Preference for students enrolled in international programs sponsored by ASU. Recipient must have a minimum GPA of 3.20. Recipient must have a minimum of sophomore status and at least 12 credit hours earned at ASU. Scholarship must be used for study or travel abroad-related expenses in the year following the receipt of the award (including the summer). Primary consideration will be on merit. Preference will be given for programs abroad lasting three months or more in duration. Scholarship recipients may be required to submit a written report and make a short presentation to the college Alumni Leadership Council following their travel. An application for the 2014 scholarships will be available in early 2014.

To encourage and support undergraduate research in the humanities, the Sun Angel Foundation sponsors annual awards for students majoring in English, film and media studies, history, languages and literatures, philosophy or religious studies. Students applying for this must have declared a major in English, film and media studies, history, languages and literatures, philosophy or religious studies. Have completed at least 60 credit hours completed, with 15 hours completed at ASU. Students must enroll in a 499 course in the major and work with an advisor to produce a scholarly paper (or equivalent) in the humanities. The 499 independent study course may not be concurrent with the honors thesis or with a pro-seminar, but it may be a springboard to either one. Half of the funds will be distributed at the beginning of the semester, with the remaining funds distributed upon receipt of a satisfactory progress report from the student and the supervising faculty member.

There are several different scholarships with varied application criteria. Only one application is required for all scholarships. Students will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. First-generation college students enrolled in undergraduate degree programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may apply for first generation scholarships. First generation scholarship applications are available each spring and scholarships are awarded and distributed for the fall and spring semesters.The scholarships listed below are open to students in all majors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (scholarship amounts are those awarded for 2013-14. 2014-15 awards are estimated to be similar). Please review the criteria for each scholarship before completing the application to be sure that you meet the requirements.

  • Carole and Robert Behrens First-Generation Scholarship (one scholarship of $1,000)
  • Bidstrup Foundation First-Generation Scholarships (multiple scholarships of $1,000 each)
  • CLAS Alumni First-Generation Scholarships (one scholarship of approximately $700)
  • CLAS First-Generation Scholarships (three scholarships of $650 each)
  • Dean’s Advancement Council First-Generation Scholarship (one scholarship of $700)
  • Al and Viola Madrid Endowed Scholarship (one scholarship of $1,700)
  • McKee Family Scholarship (one scholarship of $900)
  • John Rockefeller First-Generation Scholarship (one scholarship of $1,100)
  • Faire Elizabeth Virgin Sax Scholarships (up to three scholarships of approximately $8,000 each)

There are also First-Generation scholarships available for students in specific majors.

To study abroad, ASU students also have access to the Gilman Scholarship sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural affairs. The Gilman Scholarship Program offers awards for undergraduate study abroad and was established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study and intern abroad programs worldwide.