Research and Internship

South Asia

Gandhi Research Foundation - Student Internship Program

3-6 months internships from August 2020 (Deadline: March 31st, 2020) 

Student interns can participate in a wide spectrum of learning activities:

  • Peace, Conflict and Leadership workshop
  • Field-work towards rural sustainability
  • Khadi spinning and weaving
  • Digitization and preservation technology
  • Archival cataloging
  • Gandhian studies (reading, discussions/ seminars)
  • Language skills in Marathi & Hindi

Gandhi Research Foundation Internship

Gandhi Research Foundation Internship - Research Fellowship Program

 3-6 months fellowship from August 2020 onward (Deadline for application: March 31st, 2020)

International scholars, activists, social workers, and public figures are encouraged to apply Areas of applied Research:

  • Rural regeneration, economic sustainability, skill development, employment creation
  • Social-economic and gender issues
  • Caste and communal harmony
  • Educational innovation
  • Health and nutrition revitalization
  • Environmental challenges
  • Nonviolent conflict resolution in India and globally
  • Alternatively: an allied field of research of contemporary Gandhian relevance

Gandhi Research Foundation Fellowship